Latesha Batts

NEW! Cargo shorts with pockets, black, navy, khaki, size 38-40 PURCHASED! NEW! 3 button-down short sleeves, black, navy, khaki, size 2XL PURCHASED! NEW! Gain laundry detergent PURCHASED! NEW! Clorox NEW! Tissue NEW! Paper towels NEW! Ankle socks, white and black PURCHASED! New or Used Queen-size bed comforter set, black or navy blue New or Used […]


LindaLeeAnn is back at work and needs: Lunchbox with bowls XL men’s T-shirts Large socks for women Soap Underwear size 38-39 XX women’s shirt, any style (she needs two) XL safety vest for road work XL safety shirts (she needs three) Women’s bras XL Steel toe work boots, size 9.5-10 in men’s Batana oil Olivia Mark stylish […]


Tina Urgently Requires Brakes for Her Car Let’s envision how the power of community can come together to provide brakes for Tina’s car. Share your ideas with us at on how we can ensure Tina safely gets to work and back. Here are others who need a few items for success: Bobby, Tony, William, […]


Les Needs New Track / Jogging Suits large black men’s SOMEONE PURCHASED!, 4-20-24 medium black men’s SOMEONE PURCHASED!, 4-20-24 You can ship to: Moore Square Friends 2333 Barton Oaks Dr. Raleigh, NC 27614 Here are others who need a few items for success: Bobby, Tony, William, Jeanette, Tina, LindaLeeAnn


Tony of Moore Square Needs the Following New Clothing Items long black socks SOMEONE PURCHASED, 4-17-24 men’s deodorant SOMEONE PURCHASED, 4-20-24 toothpaste SOMEONE PURCHASED, 4-20-24 boxers, large, 2 pair at least SOMEONE PURCHASED, 4-17-24 jeans 34 x 36 SOMEONE PURCHASED, 4-17-24 small pack of XXL white tee shirts SOMEONE PURCHASED, 4-17-24 You can ship to: […]